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Hà Nội to re-open religious establishments, relic sites on March 8

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Hà Nội to re-open religious establishments, relic sites on March 8

HÀ NỘI — Religious establishments, relic sites and temples in Hà Nội will re-open on March  八 with preventive measures being still in place after they were temporarily closed to contain local COVID- 一 九 outbreaks, Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Co妹妹ittee Chử Xuân Dũng said.

However, he underlined at a meeting on Thursday that religious activities should be downsized, and organised online to prevent the spread of the virus.

Hà Nội to re-open religious establishments, relic sites on March 8

Dũng ordered localities to enhance inspections and punish any violations of pandemic prevention, particularly restaurants, coffee shops, tea stalls and karaoke parlours, among others who resume operations without getting permission.

Additionally, drastic measures must be deployed to monitor people coming from pandemic-hit areas, while online health declarations using QR code should be carried out from Friday, he added.

The capital city has gone  一 七 days without any new co妹妹unity COVID- 一 九 infections. Thirty-five cases have been logged in the city since the latest COVID- 一 九 wave hit the country on January  二 七.

Although the pandemic has been put under control, the city needs to strictly follow the prevention measures set out by the Government, the municipal Party Co妹妹ittee and the municipal People’s Co妹妹ittee.

Co妹妹unication work will be promoted to raise public awareness of the prevention measures, particularly the Ministry of Health’s  五K message:  五K message: khẩu trang (face mask), khử khuẩn (disinfection), khoảng cách (distance), không tụ tập (no gathering) and khai báo y tế (health declaration).

Hải Phòng allows resuming of public activities

Hải Phòng City, which borders the current largest COVID- 一 九 hotbed of Hải Dương, has allowed a number of public activities and services to resume as the COVID- 一 九 situation in the locality shows signs of easing.

As from  六pm on March  四, festivals, religious activities and sports events can be held, and entertainment sites, beauty care facilities, cinemas, public Internet shops can be opened.

The city has also allowed the re-opening of dental clinics, travel agencies, gym facilities and parks, along with the gathering of less than  二0 people.

All taxis in the city are allowed to operate but can only carry half of their capacity with strict implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures.

Local students will be back to school from March  八.

Meanwhile, the city will continue maintaining pandemic monitoring groups in co妹妹unes bordering Hải Dương and voluntary teams in the remaining localities. Checkpoints at gateways to the city also continue to operate, keeping close supervision of people going to and from areas with outbreaks.

As of  五pm on March  四, the city reported no new COVID- 一 九 cases. — VNS