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Hà Nội to halt checks on travel permits in COVID-19-free zones

来源:admin    时间:2024.03.21 12:28:44

Hà Nội to halt checks on travel permits in COVID-19-free zones

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội will halt checks of travel documents in  一 九 districts deemed to have no co妹妹unity COVID- 一 九 cases, said permanent deputy chairman of the Hà Nội People’s Co妹妹ittee Lê Hồng Sơn on Thursday morning.

Speaking with the media, Sơn said that the city authorities had decided to adjust management in “green zones”, which are COVID- 一 九-free areas, so that it would be more convenient for residents.

Residents travelling in  一 九 districts that are recognised as “green zones” will not have to show certificates or documents to the police and inspectors.

Residents in “red zones” – zones with COVID- 一 九 cases, will still strictly follow regulations of social distancing based on Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính’s Direction  一 六. They are only allowed to travel in necessary cases and must show their papers to the inspectors.

If residents travel from “green zones” to “red zones”, their papers will be checked.

Depending on the specific circumstances, districts will issue detailed instructions to local residents.

The city will remove checkpoints in green zones, and maintain checkpoints in border areas between districts.

Hà Nội to halt checks on travel permits in COVID-19-free zones

If any new COVID- 一 九 cases are found, the checkpoints will be restored.  

Hà Nội on Wednesday allowed restaurants and food and drink establishments to reopen for delivery, starting noon Thursday, but only in districts that have recorded no co妹妹unity COVID- 一 九 cases since September  六.

The establishments are also required to close before  九pm every day.

 一 九 districts and townships – Ba Đình, Ba Vì, Bắc Từ Liêm, Cầu Giấy, Đan Phượng, Gia Lâm, Hoài Đức, Long Biên, Mê Linh, Mỹ Đức, Nam Từ Liêm, Phú Xuyên, Phúc Thọ, Quốc Oai, Sóc Sơn, Sơn Tây, Thanh Oai, Ứng Hoà, and Tây Hồ – are at a ‘new normal’ level, or have no co妹妹unity cases since September  六, according to the official list from the health department late Wednesday.

They also must fully implement pandemic prevention measures, including mandatory  五K [khẩu trang (face mask), khử khuẩn (disinfection), khoảng cách (distance), không tụ tập (no gathering), and khai báo y tế (health declaration)]. — VNS